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Max Zirngast must be freed immediately from the Erdogan regime

Posted: September 12, 2018 / in: International / Comments Off on Max Zirngast must be freed immediately from the Erdogan regime

The Austrian student Max Zirngast, was taken into custody by Antiterror police amongst others on Monday morning in Ankara under the absurd accusation of “supporting a terrorist organisation”.

Max is a writer at the German leftist magazine re:volt, with which our newspaper, PRIN, collaborates on a regular basis and  has been living  in Turkey as he studies political science at the University of Ankara.

According to the logic of the Erdogan regime, studying political sciences and writing leftist articles is enough evidence to accuse someone as “terrorist”.

The ongoing attack of the Erdogan regime against the democratic rights and freedoms seems to have no limit.

The continuous arrests and attacks on the left, the abolition of press freedom, the climate of authoritarianism and the banning of demonstrations constitute a situation where every democratic right is being abolished and where every opposing voice is being violently suppressed.

As a newspaper, we voice our international solidarity with our colleague and comrade Max Zirngast as well as with the left movement in Turkey. We strengthen our fight against any persecution and stand with all the people who struggle in the neighboring country, at the side of the left, the trade unions and organizations.


Also available in Greek:

Να αφεθεί άμεσα ελεύθερος ο Μαξ Τσίρνγκαστ που συνελήφθη από το καθεστώς Ερντογάν

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