We went to the “enemies” and we met class friends and comrades



LEAFLET No 1,369


On last Monday a delegation of NAR for the Communist Liberation and of other left organizations from Greece (OKDE Spartakos, EEK, DEA) got at Republic of Macedonia after being invited by the left party LEVICA, in order to participate in an event about the Macedonian issue. This event was a very important initiative, at the direction of the internationalist goals that modern anticapitalist and communist Left needs to have, especially at the region of Balkans that nowadays turns again into a boiling cauldron.

The discussion was very interesting and was a contribution at the effort to make some inferences about the moves of the local bourgeoisies and their governments, of imperialism and nationalisms that have been grown and promoted at each side of the borders. At the neighbor country a climate of politic suffocation is being cultivated at the issue of the integration of the country at NATO. It is presented as the only solution for territorial integrity and peace –although it is well known that NATO means anything but peace- a fact that incommodes the growth of an internationalist and class policy against the integration, a policy that is only expressed by LEVICA. Exactly like in Greece the nationalist deliriums make fake shouts against NATO, although they serve with loyalty the American and European imperialism. LEVICA talks against the local nationalism which among other things has aesthetically destroyed the capital with the well-known program “Skopia 2014” and the pharaonic type “monuments”, which have caused the abstinence of a large part of the population. The local nationalism though distorts mainly the the recent history of the country, since it turns into “national heroes” fascists while being altered the communist and partisan period which remains alive, as it seemed from the sound of the hymn of EAM before the beginning of the event. The issue of the name is considered as secondary by the comrades of LEVICA and probably will be “resolved” by the Zaev government to promote integration plans in NATO and later in EU. The nationalism of VMRO is in retreat and the reactions are relatively unmassive since they are mainly promoted by the diaspora rather than powers inside the country. We did not encounter a climate of nationalistic effervescence; we could say there is more of apathy for the people who connect nationalism with the corrupt and hateful previous governance of Gkruevsky.

At the meeting, there was a strong need, the labor movement and the anticapitalist and communist powers to contribute to development of an independent class placement which prefixes the solidarity between the people, their common fight for the modern labor and social rights, the crash of the poisonous nationalism and fascism, against the plans of the local oligarchy and imperialism. That’s why the necessity for common moves, international coordination and the superior gathering and joint action at the international level of the forces that promote the above was made in every placement. It is not irrational, exactly the opposite it was placed as the most important duty we have to serve. As has been pointed out if we do not serve in practice an internationalist policy then we have already lost. The exemplary fellow climate and the hospitality we found at the city of Skopia is a very good start. At this direction more specific propositions for common moves next period were discussed.

At the Republic of Macedonia the role of the greek capital is big and the way it tries to expand very aggressive. From the construction of large avenues up to trade chains the big Greek companies use the constitutional name of the country without any problem in order to have their  profitable agreements, the same time that they shout about the so called “aggressive character” of the Republic of Macedonia. An example is the chain VERO, which while in Greece it declared bankruptcy and left a number of employees unpaid, in Republic of Macedonia it is faced a “healthy entrepreneurship” and “foreign investments”. Along with JUMBO they have created the biggest malls applying the same labor relations “Middle Ages” with a recent example that has come to light the dismissal of a worker with health issues. LEVICA organized protests on this issue, highlighting the possibility of even common labor struggles.

Conclusion of this experience is that the peoples are against those who make profits on their backs. The workers and the people of Greece should not seek out their enemy at the ordinary people of the neighboring country who face the same economic, social and political barbarity, but at those who promote this barbarity at both countries with the same cruel way, namely NATO, EU and the local bourgeoisies and governments. With our common fight to stop the conversion of Balkans and the region into a minefield, to overthrow our common oppressors, to grow relations of solidarity, respect, cooperation and parity in the struggle for liberation.

The article is also available in Greek/το άρθρο διαθέσιμο στα Ελληνικά

Πήγαμε στον «εχθρό» και βρήκαμε ταξικούς φίλους και συναγωνιστές








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